The Music Flag has very recently undertaken video shoots that are not merely promotional. They tell a story, and that is the most important thing about any artist’s web output. Words, music, photography and the moving image all combine to make a coherent and compelling narrative.

In this example, Scots traditional singer Amy Leach performed a short recital in Dundee, introduced by her mentor Sheena Wellington. We filmed her in conversation with Sheena and captured one of those moments in time when a tradition is passed along from one generation to another.

Gavin McLaughlin Photography

Aside from the work that Gavin has done in collaboration with The Music Flag, he is also an established music video producer, director and editor in his own right. His videos for full-strength rock band Polarities capture the essence of the live experience, but they also demonstrate a sharp eye for the better angle and a real feeling for the energy of the performers. The video for the Polarities’ song Paths puts you right in the moment and has chalked up an impressive 18,000+ views.

In this video (below) for This Living Ghost, he does not assume that more of the same will do for a band clearly developing further both musically and in the scope of their ideas. The story element of the video also shows Gavin McLaughlin’s ability to edit a visual narrative into the musical idea, manage actors and use film knowledge to make subtle cinematic references.


The Music Flag produced and directed this interview with Edinburgh singer-songwriter Aaron Wright talking to 1320Radio about his new album ‘Flying Machine’ – out now on DSet Records.