Tommy Smith with The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra ‘Modern Jacobite’

Later this year, solo saxophonist Tommy Smith with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra will release ‘Modern Jacobite’, a CD containing a new symphonic work entitled ‘Jacobite‘, alongside fresh interpretations of pieces by Rachmaninoff and American composer Chick Corea.

The Music Flag would love to hear from informed music commentators, particularly those who are interested in cross genre recordings, who may wish to receive a physical copy and supporting information well ahead of time.


Reviewers whom listeners trust receive many submissions, and new recordings arrive daily on busy Culture, Arts and Music desks. Nevertheless, those who admire adventurous composition, sumptuous melody and life-affirming contemporary music will find ‘Modern Jacobite’ tremendously interesting.

We very much hope that everyone who cares about innovative music will want to listen and offer an opinion.

Please email to make contact and start a conversation about ‘Modern Jacobite’.

Michael S. Clark

The Music Flag

Images by Derek Clark Photography