Square One Press: October Tour and Debut Album Release

The Music Flag was originally engaged to produce a press release and band bio for this sparkling, new jazz quartet around the time of their first EP.

We must have done something right because guitarist Joe Williamson asked us back to produce press releases for the group’s debut album In Motion and the UK tour in support of the new record.

We told the world that:

“Square One constitute a four-cornered, democratic discussion in liberated jazz between Joe Williamson on guitar, Peter Johnstone on piano, David Bowden on bass and Stephen Henderson on drums. The music they play alights upon many modern touchstones such as folk, fusion, soulfulness, ECM euro-cool and stylish, straight ahead jazz. Yet, it is a clear affinity with great melody and a unique take on Scottish traditional music that makes Square One much more than the sum of all these parts.”

The new album is stunning and it is almost certain to turn heads towards a bright new noise on jazz corner. We were sincere when we said:

“Joe Williamson speaks volumes on guitar, often in a leading role, but frequently in partnership with Peter Johnstone’s rippling, stream-of-consciousness statements on piano. Stephen Henderson on drums and David Bowden on bass bring intellect, measured thought and reasoned responses in a rhythm section with strong opinions of its own. The result on In Motion is a burgeoning creative ambition calibrated by musical poise.”

Find out more about Square One at www.squareonequartet.com