Simon Thacker’s Svara Kanti Press Release

Simon Thacker is a leading classical guitarist from Edinburgh who is interested in new soundworlds created from imaginative and innovative ideas about global relationships in music. His Svara Kanti project is emblematic of Scotland’s current internationalist outlook, and it’s no surprise that his work has now featured twice at the Made in Scotland showcase during Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe.


This particular collaboration with Raju das Baul and Sarvar Sabri combined in an uncommon blend of classical guitar, tabla, khamak and voice to create a highly rhythmic, energised form of Bangladeshi folk music strongly in the tradition of the wandering Baul minstrel.

You can download a copy of the pres release here, and follow the link to the 1320Radio review of a performance at Summerhall during Svara Kanti’s astonishing nine night run.

The Music Flag

September 2015