Simon Thacker and Justyna Jablonska with Masha Natanson

The Music Flag is very proud to be associated with Simon Thacker (guitar) and to be asked once more to produce a tailored press release for his recent run of shows in a virtuoso duo with Justyna Jablonska (cello). They were joined by the Roma singer and violinist Masha Natanson in stunning performances of Karmana: Songs of the Roma over an amazing nine-night run at Summerhall during the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Simon, Justyna and Masha received great press previews as a result of having a carefully drafted press release, Simon’s own personal network of known contacts, and sheer hard work on the part of one of Scotland’s most dedicated and innovative musicians. They played to sold out houses and were rewarded with warm praise and stellar reviews.

Here’s an extract from the press release:

“Innovative music is a bit like sorcery; it can be magical, mysterious and powerful – and a little bit dangerous; but audiences at Edinburgh Festival Fringe (EFF) will be in safe hands with classical guitar virtuoso Simon Thacker and the masterful Polish cellist Justyna Jablonska. They are joined on a mystic road to new soundworlds in music by the charismatic traditional Roma singer Masha Natanson. Together they will present a combined programme featuring selections from Simon’s highly original six-movement ‘Karmana Suite’, and ‘Songs of the Roma’, a vivid re-imagining of music and song in the gypsy tradition.

This enchanting programme promises a host of enthralling musical surprises. Karmana is Sanskrit for “performing anything by means of magic”, and sees Thacker draw on and extend European, Indian and Balkan folk forms, as well as flamenco, in the pursuit of new instrumental paths. These gifted musicians will expertly contrast wonderfully inventive new music with an exploration in song of traditional Roma themes such as birth, death and love; the search for lost roots; endless wandering; and the changing role of women in traditional societies.

This will be Simon Thacker’s third consecutive superbly eclectic presentation for the Made in Scotland Showcase, having previously appeared with his Ritmata and Svara-Kanti ensembles. Simon is firmly established as one of Scotland’s most vibrant, cross-cultural musical voices, and he’s highly regarded as a composer, guitarist and performer, whose meticulous work references the world’s richest musical traditions.”

Look out for new CD releases form Simon Thacker in the coming months.