Press Kits

An electronic Press Kit is a form of media output that can assume many guises and describes as much about you and your music as you put into it.


At a minimum, it contains the essential elements of biographical information, examples of your work and images. All of them tell an important part of your story and together they provide core material for wider coverage of your output, your aims and your ambitions.

The recipients of  press kits are not necessarily confined to individuals connected to media titles and organisations. They will be anyone whose attention you want to grab. That could mean a booking agent, a management group, a label, a festival organiser or a venue owner/manager.

For the purposes of this exercise, imagine that you  are a web journalist or an influential blogger who is willing and able to produce sympathetic copy. Among the basic materials that you will need to hand will be a BIO that tells you who’s who, where these interesting artists came from, how they met and what they do.

Then you want some really good hi-res images that you can manipulate readily into any site without any loss of quality.

Sound files may be sourced from Soundcloud or Bandcamp and embedded easily into most sites but we would encourage artists to provide two or three MP3 files and some HD video as part of the kit. It means that all the media is on the writing desk and your music can be incorporated into playlists for future reference and sharing to a wider audience.

Do you, as a working artist have all of these things ready to go at a second’s notice? No? Well, read on.

This is how The Music Flag puts together a typical electronic press kits. First of all, we take the bio info that you have already furnished via our upload form and shape it into concise copy. It is then converted into portable formats such as PDF that provide an at-a-glance overview of you and your work. Then we pop this into a Dropbox folder along with your cool images and the showcase MP3’s you have provided.

Your basic  Press Kit is now available to source and distribute from DropBox although we recommend making it a zipped download folder available from your own website. If you don’t have a website or you are unhappy about the one you’re using just now then we can help you with that too.

Press Kits can be supplemented with Prezis (flashy Power Point presentations) and PDF flyers that come in editable versions for easy updating. You can come back later for any of these items or you can purchase them together as a package.

Whatever you want to do is our main concern. We don’t want to take over the world. We just want to take care of you.