Pop-Up Website for Tommy Smith & Makoto Ozone Duo Project


Setting up a new website can be an expensive, frustrating and time-consuming exercise. That’s why busy music professionals turn to someone else to take of it for them, and all too often don’t necessarily get value for money. It needn’t be that way.

The Music Flag was asked to create something quickly for Tommy Smith and Makoto Ozone that would be attractive informative and easy to maintain. It’s primary purpose was to announce an exciting new initiative from  two of the world’s leading jazz musicians.

It isn’t unusual for modern musicians to think of collaborations and musical configurations as projects that may or may not be continuous. However, essential information about their latest work is often buried in a sub-menu of their main website. This time, however, we decided on a stand alone website that was project-specific.


We went for the least cost, best value option on the wordpress.com CMS (content management system) platform and opted NOT to create a dedicated domain name. Nor did we purchase any add-ons such as extra storage capacity for audio. That can always come later if need be. In any case, those elements are more appropriately managed on a different kind of CMS platform.

The website is therefore truly pop-up, flexible and it cost only the labour it took to assimilate content, write and re-write text and design the navigational essentials.

One reason for choosing the wordpress.com CMS is that it’s always changing, and has more recently been offering improved visual permutations and responsive themes. It means that the site will perform well across different operating systems (android, iOS) and maintain design values across different devices.

If all of the foregoing sounds helpful information, then please take a moment to browse the Tommy Smith/Makoto Ozone pop-up website and see if the results agree with expectations.