Press Releases

The Music Flag has been producing press releases from its inception. It’s often thought to be a futile occupation because no one reads them anyway, right? Wrong! It’s more likely that good copy from a well-written press release will find its way directly into all sorts of publications. Press releases often go into web sites with minimal, or no editing whatsoever. Think outside the mainstream press, every “cut and paste” job means another link back to you.

Simon Thacker's Ritmata 2(1)

Any communications you send out to the press or share with the public must be clear, concise, coherent and correct. Photographs must look professional and video material must either speak to the target audience or be terrifyingly original. The Music Flag recently worked with Simon Thacker’s Ritmata ensemble to produce a press release for the prestigious Made in Scotland 2014 Showcase at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Together with their own powerful ideas about imagery, our copy makes for compelling publicity materials, that may use used in part, or in their entirety in national and regional publications.

The first step is the written word. There is a lot of “zoo” writing out there that is “hip and happening”, but often it does not flow and frequently appears trite. We will write your story for you and it will lead the reader from a clear beginning, through a solid middle, and right up to a satisfying end.

You will see below examples of flyers, press releases and  programme notes for, among others, The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and their prominent guests.

We also produced this electronic flyer as an extra little marketing tool for the promotion of a signature model guitar. The noted jazz guitarist Martin Taylor got together with Peerless and they produced two models. A local music shop had a special relationship with Martin and we thought that was the story in this flyer.

Whatever it is that you want to say about yourself, it’s useful to remember that it’s sometimes the most basic tools that are quick, portable and easiest to access. A PDF can be downloaded from any site, not least Dropbox, and can be emailed as an attachment too. It’s ideal for bookers, agents and venues, and is print ready for distribution by hand.


Also below is a downloadable example of the many press releases completed for Tommy Smith and The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra with whom an ongoing relationship has been established.


If you are experiencing any problems with the management of text based communications, or just need a simple answer to a straight question then simply email us. We will help.

More examples of press releases are available from: