Concert Programmes

Are concert programmes a thing of the past? Well, yes and no. It’s commonplace for repertory orchestras, bands and ensembles to produce a good, solid, hold-it-in-your hand guide to a memorable performance. Often there’s a budget for that and it may even be a requirement of the organizations mission statement to provide informative media.

There is however, no reason on earth why independent artists of slender means cannot provide concert programmes, festival guides and tour itineraries electronically. There are a number of artists media platforms that allow you to enter your own data, but you give up a large chunk of your won identity in the process, don’t you?

Michael S. Clark is a Music Flag associate who has written notes, bios and related content for concert programmes. The benefits of providing in-show info are clear. The audience comes to to see you in anticipation of great music and your performance exceeds expectations. But if they leave without insights and information into you and your work then it’s an opportunity lost.

Don’t pass up the chance to talk directly to your fans through concert programmes that illuminate, elucidate and enlighten. At the very least, they will understand that you really thank them for coming out. And everyone will go home with a copy of the set list and directions for downloading your fabulous music.

The Music Flag will provide all the copy you could ever possibly need for an electronic programme, and will show you how to deliver it with least cost-options as well as alternatives that require a small investment. And we do mean small.