Who Let The Dogs Out?


Rock ‘n’Soul Music from the Beating Heart of Brooklyn!

Barkhouse are a young, three-piece rock/pop outfit with a heart full of soul and sweetly familiar songs born in and bred in the neighbourhood.

They line up as:

Will De Zengotita on guitar and vocals

Mort Jay on bass, keys and vocals

Olmo Tighe on drums.

They are tight like family, not least because Will and Olmo are cousins and Mort is a childhood friend.

They play regularly on the burgeoning Brooklyn scene and their tunes have a brownstone core and a warm rock’n’roll heart.

Will fronts up on guitar and lead vocal with the licks and the chops. He sings with an uncommon sincerity and a growing self-assurance. He performs confidently, safe in the knowledge that – in Brooklyn at least – he’s among friends both on and off stage.

Jay holds it down on bass and fleshes things out with keyboard additions that give the normally spare sound of the typical pop trio extra depth and richness.

Olmo does what every good drummer does. He keeps it tight and simple. It’s all in the backbeat – the unobtrusive solid centre. Around it are wrapped emotive delivery and sensitive musicianship.

Will and Jay were brought up in Rhinebeck in the Hudson Valley but then returned to Brooklyn straight after high school and hooked up with Olmo who had been attending the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts. All have been tutored or teaching themselves to play from a very young age. They started out together as kids in high school, cutting their teeth as semi-pro players in small bands.

Jay paints a familiar picture of a young, enthusiastic group starting out, “Will and I used to practice in the dive bar at the Rhinecliff Hotel during off hours in high school.  We would often stay late to play sets for our friends and local drunks.” They’ve been together ever since.

The music the three of them listened to in their formative years reads like a who’s who of the Encyclopaedia of Rock. People like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, ELO, Neil Young, The Clash, Rolling Stones, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and Curtis Mayfield. And, of course, the perennial influence of The Beatles.

Little wonder then that it’s all about the songs. That’s what they play and, by a happy coincidence, that is exactly what audiences love hearing from them.

Bookings: barkhousemusic@gmail.com  Music: Barkhouse on Bandcamp

              You Tube: “HOLD TIGHT”  Web: BARKHOUSEMUSIC

BARKHOUSE PREZI (online presentation)

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