Michael Stephen Clark


Michael has written extensively about music for his 1320Radio and INSTRUMENTAL websites. He covered roots, rock, pop and jazz from established and emerging artists for a readership that included players and listeners alike. Michael also established and operated the Scottish internet radio station 1320Radio, its related website, and podcast presence on Mixcloud.

Michael has written press releases, artist bios, flyers, concert programmes and reviews for, amongst others, Tommy Smith, The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO), BBC Radio Scotland, The Arts Desk, Rainbow Music (Dundee), Barkhouse (New York City), Gene Nye (Los Angeles) The Galleons (Brighton) and Sam Merrick (London), Simon Thacker, Loz Speyer and Square One.

He has also assisted the Makoto Ozone/Tommy Smith Duo and the SNJO with pop-up website design, Fat-Suit with website re-design and The Davidson Legacy with website content and functionality.

In a previous life he wrote many articles, features and academic papers on a variety of wildlife subjects. He also researched, wrote and delivered educational materials to the inaugural intake of the Primate Conservation Masters Degree at Oxford-Brookes University.


Gavin McLaughlin


Gavin is a photographer whose professionalism speaks for itself. His website includes photosets of subject matter as diverse as boxing, rock bands and fashion.

His great work in collaboration with The Music Flag can be seen in his candid shots of The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra in rehearsal, and Fat-Suit in performance (see their website). Elsewhere he has provided publicity photographs for The Mirror Trap, and great live pictures of Scots singer-songwriter Davey Horne. Gavin recently made his first video with rock band Polarized and he’s made a film that is broadcast-ready on a shoestring budget.

Together, as The Music Flag, Gavin and Michael have created web copy and images from a number of live events including The Mavericks, The Darius Brubeck Quartet, The Arild Andersen Trio, Brass Jaw and Kyle Eastood. More recently, they completed video projects for Edinburgh singer-songwriter Aaron Wright and Scots traditional singer Amy Leach with her mentor Sheena Wellington.

Additional Photography of Tommy Smith and SNJO by Derek Clark Photography.