A Website Makeover for Jazz Juggernaut Fat-Suit

The Music Flag is proud to be associated with Fat-Suit, Scotland’s brightest new mixed-genre, jazz based ensemble currently active in the UK and Europe.

Fat-Suit have attracted support from a fast-growing fanbase in Scotland, spread their wings and toured in eastern Europe, won acclaim from discerning critics and appeared featured prominently on radio, on TV and at festivals. Their flexible, collective structure delivers vibrant music that is extremely diverse, yet still remains entirely coherent with a distinctive Fat-Suit sound. They have also made three successful studio albums and produced several performance videos to a very high standard, all in in the space of three short years.


However, that hasn’t left a lot of time for media work and the band’s website in particular started to like a little ragged! We’ve made a  point of following Fat-Suit and took advantage of a live show in Dundee to write up the experience for the INSTRUMENTAL website. Gavin McLaughlin took some outstanding live shots and these pictures have formed the basis of the refurbished site. Add in some updated bios along with better organization and navigation, and the improvements quickly started to show.

The band use the Weebly self-authoring platform, and we stuck with that because the group wanted to maintain control over updates in a website environment with which they were already familiar. The Music Flag also put together a Mailchimp flyer with press release style text for Fat-Suit which was aimed primarily at international promoters. This meant that the band’s co-leaders could get on with the business of completing their third album instead of spell checking and sizing photographs.

Have a look at the Fat-Suit website and be sure to connect with 1320Radio where co-leader Scott Murphy has just launched Fresh Jam, a new jazz show exclusive to this increasingly popular online station.

The Music Flag

September 2015