A Ticket to Infinity – our press release (+) for Inner Space Music

Loz Speyer is a trumpeter, composer, arranger, bandleader and educator who has been creating innovative jazz music and bringing it to as wide an audience as possible for almost thirty years.

His career as an independent musician began in 1987, working first in small groups and subsequently as a founder member of the ambitious 12-piece ensemble Rare Mix. Since 2003, his main focus has been leading and composing for his two main projects Time Zone and Inner Space Music.

Inner Space Music first began as a quartet in London, and later toured more widely. That initial incarnation of the group released its “Five Animal Dances” CD on Speyer’s own label, Spherical Records. Inner Space Music has continued to evolve and has since developed into a quintet exploring quite different new material. The band’s CD “Infinity Sea Rockets” celebrates its work with drummer Graham Fox, who tragically died soon after recording. Since then, Inner Space Music has toured extensively in the South of England, including London venues such as the Vortex and E17Jazz.

Loz asked us to come up with a different kind of  press release for Inner Space Music’s 2015 Autumn tour, supported by the Arts Council of England. He wanted something that showed how the music that the quintet makes is not only creative, expressive and exploratory, but that it’s also inclusive and fun. We had several conversations and shared a few drafts before arriving at a three-page master document that formed the basis of bespoke communications. We also revised individual band member bios that gave a more personalized account of each player.

The aim of  The Music Flag is to work with clients to make sure they are happy with the final product. After all, it has your name on the front, not ours!

The Music Flag

September 2015

Photo credit: Steve Cropper

Download the PDF of the press release here:

Inner Space Music Press Release Autumn Tour 2015