1320 Radio

1320Radio is a new internet radio station that features Scots music from across the board, from deep in the past and has one eye locked firmly on the future. For now though it concentrates largely on the present day because Scotland, in common with much of the UK, is enjoying an extraordinary surge in musical creativity.

1320Radio is highly eclectic and broadcasts the very best roots, rock, jazz, pop and classical music of Scottish origin blasting from the past, the present and a very bright future. There are also features, interviews and community showcases that offer a glimpse into the enormously vibrant and diverse Scottish music scene.

Among other things, Michael has conducted a fun radio interview with the quite charming Mr. Gavin McGinty of hot Dundee property Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher and he shared some of insights through his selection of TEN TRACKS he thought we’d all like to hear.

You’ll have to listen to the station to get the full story but here are some intriguing pictures of some of the artists he picked……just to get you thinking.

The Music Flag has generated a lot of media and content for 1320Radio in order to demonstrate the potential of a radio platform that engages with the music community in Scotland and connects with music fans at home and abroad. It is a low-cost way of guaranteeing airplay and communicating directly with audiences about new projects, fresh developments and important events. It is particularly relevant to sections of the music community who cannot rely on coverage from mainstream media outlets.

What is also important about 1320Radio, is that provides a template for the ways in which artists can harness a radio platform to their own aims, aspirations and identities. The1320Radio model shows that artists can build relationships with fans based on shared enthusiasms by connecting easily on personalized apps through any device with a single tap on the screen.